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Lighthouse Literary represents PB, MG, and YA fiction and non-fiction, as well as adult fiction and non-fiction trade (topical/professional/inspirational) for both the Christian and secular markets. We do not represent PB artists. 



I have answered all queries received as of February 16, 2023. 

Query folder: 45 remain

Wait time: 6-8 weeks

Wish List

In Juvenile

I have enough PB, MG and YA on my

list and in my fulls-to-be-read pile.

I'm not interested in acquiring more

at this time.

I'm particularly interested in:


Women's Non-Fiction Trade (expert in your field/Christian inspirational/topical)

Romance (think Hallmark)


Combination of the two!!

(Christian or Secular)

I DO NOT want to see:

Anything with graphic sex or violence, or where a child is abused.

No ghosts, the occult, demons, or horror.

I'm also probably not a good fit for anything that has themes that conflict with my Christian values

Please DO NOT submit anything

that has been self-published. 

How to submit:

Please put QUERY and the genre

in the subject line. (Ex. QUERY Adult Rom/Com: Best Title Ever)

Paste your first chapter

beneath the query letter. Please include word count, genre, and a brief summary in your query. 


I hope to respond within six weeks. Feel free to submit to other agents at the same time.

Here is an old list of some of my

favorite books:

Contact Information

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