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There is currently a scammer emailing and calling authors using an email address and caller ID with Lighthouse Literary in it and impersonating an agent from another agency. We are not affiliated with this scammer in any way. Please do your research before responding to any offers of representation. NEVER send money to a literary agent. A reputable agent will never ask for money. We work on straight commission. Literary agents also offer contracts before they prepare a submission for a publisher. There should not be ANY fees in your contract with an agent or a traditional publisher. 

I will be taking pitches at the TENNESSEE WRITING WORKSHOP on April 20,2024. Looking for adult fiction for secular and Christian market specifically: mystery, suspense, thrillers, and romance. (No explicit language, sex, or gore!) I'm open to other genres if your pitch has that WOW factor. Hope to see you there!  


Lighthouse Literary represents PB, MG, and YA fiction and non-fiction, as well as adult fiction and non-fiction trade (topical/professional/inspirational) for both the Christian and secular markets. We do not represent PB artists. 

I'm thrilled with the clients I have signed and have an obligation to keep them as my priority. At this time, I've decided to close to queries in order to do that. I wish you the best as you search for representation elsewhere. 

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