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Elizabeth Lyvers

Born and raised in West Virginia, Elizabeth Lyvers was indelibly shaped by the beauty of nature, family, and faith. Her debut novel The Honest Lies was published in 2020, and her writing has appeared in Fathom, Risen Motherhood, and Every Day Fiction. When not working as a pharmacist, she loves to ask hard questions through her blog, Dear Life.


She currently lives happily in Texas with her husband, son, and daughter. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook. 

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Jack Murphy’s past died with his parents. Since then, he’s crafted a lonely but successful life operating the family’s drug wholesale business in a place miles and years away from Detroit. He’s even falling for his next-door neighbor Megan, a young woman grieving the recent death of her husband.


But when twenty million dollars’ worth of drugs disappear from one of Jack’s warehouses, he grapples to connect past mistakes with a new, as yet invisible enemy. Someone remembers. Someone is settling the score.


Megan loved her husband, enough to move a thousand miles before asking questions about his past. With nothing but their memories left to protect, she struggles to reconcile the documents she finds in his closet – evidence tying him to a robbery committed months after his death.


It isn’t until Megan is kidnapped that she grasps how deeply her husband’s sins were intertwined with Jack’s past. Only then can she begin to unravel the complex relationship between truth and love – and lies told with the best of intentions.

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